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The following is a group presentation on Drug Awareness which was created in 2015. As part of first year we were asked to create a digital media artifact of our choosing. The class was broken into small teams and given free licence to create, but of course making sure there was no copyright infringements.


During the idea generation stage the concept of a free music application allowing local musicians to organise gigs was played with. As time progressed the idea was placed in the “revisit bin” as we were not confident in creating and maintaining a possible large user application at this time. This was to be considered for further projects due to the fact the course was to cover the creation and use of databases in the second year.

Instead the idea of a short film production was considered. After much debate on the theme of the production a concences was agreed on the theme being a drug awareness presentation. this idea was born from the fact of the increasing use of narcotics in the cork city area. This growing epidemic seemed to have been lost or not seen as serious enough by the local media.

During some simple research the group was able to locate the following figures from the HSE (health Service Executive) for 20014:

Statistics for Drug Use (Cork City Area)

  • 300 individuals currently in treatment for heroin use.
  • 100 injecting drug users not in treatment.
  • 2000 individuals accused HSE drug and alcohol services in 2014.

Information on statistics gained from HSE main website (


To begin this project a story board was created outlining the direction of the filming. This allowed strategic planning of the locations, equipment and character roles needed in order to produce this project. Once all of these were sourced and agreed on, then filming began. As students there was no budget for this production so equipment and locations were sourced from personal connections and the kindness of fellow students.


(Location Sourcing)


(Role Allocation / Filming)


Equipment used:


  • Nikon D3100 Digital Camera
  • Canon EOS 7D DSLR Digital Camera
  • GO PRO Hero 3 Digital Camera
  • Serif Editing Software (Supplied by University College Cork)

Note that all the cameras where personally owned by those taking part in the production. The software itself was supplied by University College Cork and was used by the team as part of a University Project which was part of the course.


Final Production:




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